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Past Work - Teapotty

  cabinet of teapots  Most artisans work in a particular material and use making processes theyíve spent many hours perfecting. The objects they make vary.

In this project, Iíve done the exact opposite.

  • Iíve made the same everyday object, a teapot, over and over again without varying its shape and size (with some artistic licence)
  • Iíve done this in a series of ďunsuitableĒ materials that Iíve had little or no experience in using
  • This has taken me into uncharted territory on the making front, calling on me to be adventurous, devise innovative solutions, learn new skills and push boundaries

At present, a cabinet of 10 of teapots (pictured) is on display in the HQ Building in Plymouth.  Previously it was at Borringdon Hall, Plymouth.  A further teapot, made from eggshells, was on display at the Boston Tea Party cafe, also in Plymouth.

Please scroll down to see a photo of each teapot together with a link to a page on how it was made.

  Ice teapot 


With a bit of trickery I made a time-lapse video of it emerging from a puddle of water:

  teapot made from cocktail sticks 

Cocktail sticks

Here's a link to a page on how it was made

  Teapot made from chocolate 


  Teapot made from nails 


  Teapot made from plywood 


  Teapot made from copper sheet 

Riveted copper sheet

  Felt teapot 

Felt (wool)

  Teapot made from cubes of beech wood  

Cubes of beech wood

  Lead teapot 


  Teapot made from tea leaves 

Tea leaves

  Wax tea pot 


  Papier mache teapot 


  Tea pot made from egg shells 

Egg shells


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