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Past Work - Reindeer

  Slot model reindeer in Looe Lantern Parade Completed project (with me in the picture!).  This is in Looe's Lantern Parade on 1st December 2017

 This is for Looe's Christmas celebrations.  The town's running club, Looe Pioneers, were going to re-use a train it made for the carnival.  I suggested swapping reindeer for the engine...

  Plywood Reindeer We were given some nice plywood so I designed some slot model reindeers.  Here they are completed, waiting to be painted and fixed on a trolley
  Plywood reindeer I squeezed each reindeer onto an 8 x 4 sheet of ply.  Well, almost - I had to cut one of the antlers out of a smaller piece.

I cut them out using  this CNC router at Plymouth College of Art - many thanks to the Fab Lab!
  Reindeer model Previously, I made a 1/10 scale model, cutting out the reindeer from mount-board using the Fab Lab's laser cutter and making a trolley out of balsa wood and piano wire.
  plywood reindeer Prior to that I made a plywood model.   I slimmed down the mount-board ones.
  Reindeer and sleds in Looe's Xmas celebrations Reindeer with the train carriages converted into sleds
  Sleds in Looe 
Here's the sleds and Looe Pioneers' runners going through Looe
  Slot model reindeer on Looe's quayside Following the weekend's celebrations the reindeer were mounted on scaffolding on Looe's quayside

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